Growing Wealth - Insurance

With the build-up of assets, income, family, the risks to your future wealth increase proportionally.

What if you die, become sick, suffer a major trauma, or lose your job? In each situation your income may be permanently or temporarily stopped. How will you meet your responsibilities? I.E. Feed the family, educate the children, cover the mortgage payments, and keep up your commitments to KiwiSaver. The cost of insurance might be self-funded but it is doubtful you would accumulate sufficient to cover each and every eventuality during your life time. Having a plan in place can give you sufficient cover to meet most situations at an affordable cost. The cost is then spread so that it is not a burden on your finances. The types of cover are listed below. In establishing a Risk Plan we would mix and match the levels of cover as appropriate to your needs. Our aim is to provide you with affordable cover that meets your requirements. We provide a broker service whereby we are paid by the insurance companies. We do not accept inducements from any company to favour their products.

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