Growing Wealth - Investment Planning

By this stage in life, most Kiwis are in KiwiSaver. If you’re not then we really need to talk!  Maybe you‘ve withdrawn funds for your first home. Now is the time to push on and make the most of Kiwisaver for your retirement plan. Are you contributing sufficiently? Are you reaping the maximum benefits available from your employer and the government? Do you have excess cash to invest?

Maybe you have extra savings capacity. If so, it’s worth considering options outside of KiwiSaver to provide you with assets you can access before retirement age.

For most at this stage it’s a story of debt. Informed decisions to limit and then retire debt as quickly as possible really see you in the driver’s seat.

Take this opportunity to sit down with a Nuview adviser to set out your needs, goals, and objectives.  Above all else set yourself a financial target. We can document this with you in your Wealth Accumulation Strategy. Our fee is $500-00 plus GST. However we may discount or waive this fee depending on what service or services you avail yourself of. Any ongoing fees will be agreed on in our discussion on the services you require. Any ongoing fees will be charged as a Fee for Service. We agree on the services you require.

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