Starting Out - Insurance

Life is uncomplicated...

Money is coming in, tax is paid, savings are accumulating and you have not a care in the world. As you get more established you begin to accumulate furniture belongings, and enjoy an easy lifestyle. All of this is dependent on the level of income you earn. You should then ask “What If?” – I die, get sick, have an accident or I lose my job? The cost effective solution is to insure yourself against these possible eventualities. Start out small, get into the habit and grow your insurance as you grow your wealth, assets and liabilities. While you are young and bullet proof there is no need for insurance…yeah right. Here’s a TIP. Start young when you have no health problems, cover is cheap. You can’t cover something you contract later. You have to have car insurance before the accident not after as no one will insure the car. That’s the same as health issues.

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