Big Changes To NZ Superannuation Schemes

 If you have funds invested in old legacy superannuation schemes then this impacts you. Changes introduced late in 2016 via the Financial Markets Conduct Act herald the modernisation of the superannuation sector. The new regime sees some superannuation schemes held to the same standards of accountability, governance and transparency as KiwiSaver. We think this change long overdue – but many old schemes will get left behind, slowly winding down into closure, operating in the interim in the same low client service level they have for years.

 Free Super or Pension Review Service

 If you have an old AMP, Asteron, Sovereign, AXA or any other Superannuation investment we encourage you bring it in for review. Bring in what details you have on file and we will complete for you an assessment confirming its costs, exit entitlements and benefits. You may be entitled to withdraw, in which case we’ll talk through your options to do so, or to reinvest into a more modern, cost effective investment option.

 Likewise, perhaps you have previously transferred you UK pension (QROP’s) and haven’t heard from your Adviser since. Bring it in and at no cost we will assess your current QROPs Superannuation Scheme.

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